Preparing For Professional Photography

Tips for Sellers on Preparing for Professional Photography

Preparing for professional photography does require some work but if you follow these recommendations your home will be camera-ready when your photographer arrives.

Will Rogers once said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and this is definitely true when it comes to the listing photographs for the sale of your home. The first contact a home buyer has with your home will be online which is why it’s so important to have the best photos to accompany your listing information.


Have the lawn mowed & shrubs trimmed.

In the winter, clear snow from sidewalks, driveway, patios & decks.

No empty planters; add seasonal colorful flowers to pots placed at the entrance and on the patio.

Weather permitting, open patio umbrellas and place cushions on outdoor furniture.

Remove pet waste.

Trash cans & garden hose should be stored out of sight.

Remove cars from the driveway and in front of the home.

Sidewalks, decks & patios should be swept.

Store soccer goals, balls, bikes, and other toys.

Hide all electrical cords.


Interior (General)

Declutter-remove stacks of magazine, newspapers, mail, etc.

Clean out the fireplace and paint the interior if necessary.

Clean the windows (inside and out).

Fireplace mantels- limit accessories to 3-5 pieces.

Remove small rugs.

Coffee tables- limit accessories to 1-3 items.

Stash away trashcans.

Store phones, charging cables/docks away.

Replace any burned out light bulbs; turn on all lights and open all blinds to the same level in each room.

Remove any seasonal decorations.

Vacuum &/or mop all floors.

Touch up any painted surfaces that may show wear & tear.

Remove all evidence of pets- beds, bowls, toys, etc.



Clear all counter surfaces completely; no knife blocks, paper towels, dish towels, spices, etc.

No dishes, scrub brushes, dish racks or soap in the kitchen sink.

Clear any school papers, artwork, photos, and magnets from the front of the refrigerator.

Place a bowl of fruit on the counter.



Clear nightstand surfaces of tissue boxes, phone, magazines and charging cords.

Press bed linens if necessary.

Remove items stored under beds because they will likely show up in the photos depending on the angle if the shots.

Remove personal photos.



Toilet seats and lids should be closed

Remove used towels and replace with fresh towels.

Clear the counters completely; no toothbrushes, toothpaste or soaps.

Remove shampoo and soaps from tub or shower stalls.

Hide trashcans.

A vase with a single flower will add a nice touch.

Lori Auerbach is a Realtor with the Vanderblue Team at the Higgins Group

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Taking the Stress Out of Selling

Advice from a Realtor on Taking the Stress Out of Selling

The process of selling your home can be stressful on the entire family.  But with a bit of planning, re-framing and maybe a mindful mindset, you can better manage the process and taking the stress out of selling. Here are the top 5 tips to consider for a stress less transaction.

Keep Your Eye on Your WHY.

What is your why?  Have all the kids finished college, moved on and you are “right-sizing”?  Has your employment changed and you need to reduce your overhead? Possibly you have outgrown your current home and are looking forward to living in a larger home.  Having a clear purpose is a strategic tool for cutting through the distractions and staying focused.  All the time and effort you put into preparing your home for showings and open houses contribute to you reaching your “why”.  Stay focused and try to keep your emotions in check.

Hire a Full Service Realtor

You need a Realtor who does more than put your home’s listing on the MLS with 40 photos and hosts the occasional open house.  Selling your home requires hiring a full service real estate team that has the ability and experience to guide you through every step of the process. One of the most daunting steps involves decluttering and possibly getting rid of unwanted household items. At The Vanderblue Team we have aligned ourselves with several different charities that will make sure your cast-offs get in the hands of people who need them.  From sifting through items to having them picked up at your doorstep rather than piling up in your garage, The Vanderblue Team takes care of all the details.  Make donations not dump runs!

Be Ready to Show

We typically feel stressed when we are not prepared for situations. When sellers develop and maintain a daily plan that includes keeping up with dishes, trash cans, counter clutter, etc., the home is ready to show.  You should involve the entire family by assigning them specific areas to maintain. You can easily conquer your counter clutter by keeping a small plastic bin in a closet or cabinet where you can stash all your daily necessities out of site.  We have found this so helpful, that now The Vanderblue provides these bins for our clients to make it even easier.  Often times Realtors don’t have the luxury of much advance notice, but with a bit of proactive planning you can keep your home in “show shape”.

Be Flexible on the Deal Structure

With Millennials moving out of larger cities in search of the perfect town to raise their children some are looking to lease before buying. If you don’t need the proceeds from the sale to move onto your next home then consider leasing with the option to buy.  Clients relocating also want to get a bit settled before making such a big decision so a 3-month rental prior to purchase is an option we have used to seal the deal. There are countless creative ways to get buyers to jump off the proverbial fence.

It Takes a Village

Many forget the importance of networking when they are planning to sell their home. Imagine this- you’re starting to prepare and you realize you need a painter or handy man or want to do a pre-inspection.   You’re trying to also declutter and sift through 20 years of keepsakes. Chaos starts setting in…so you rush to Angie’s List and begin browsing through the reviews.  All you really want is to get the jobs done so you can get the house sold!  Using a team that is highly networked with the right service providers will save you time and money.  It’s not only your real estate team, but also the network behind the real estate team.  Your Realtor should be connected from soup to nuts; from special prices for movers, to handymen and painters to get your home in perfect shape.

Lori Auerbach is a Realtor with the Vanderblue Team at the Higgins Group.

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