Creating the Vision that Sells

Creating the Vision that Sells

So you’ve decided to sell your home and there’s always a reason-

  • The kid’s have all grown and moved on leaving you with too much house?
  • Possibly a job has you moving to another town or state?
  • Lifestyle change. You want more property so you can have privacy, a garden, or kids can stretch their young legs more?
  • Your family is growing and you need more space or the “right space”

There are many reasons but one thing is for sure- if you’re moving because the space no longer works for your family there’s a strong chance that buyers will share the same opinion.

At the Vanderblue Team, we council our sellers from the very start to confront any possible objections so that we hit the market with solutions.  Often times the challenge is the floor plan, the home is lacking a mudroom, or you need a playroom for the kids, or maybe the main floor lacks the open concept so many buyers desire.  Whatever it may be it’s important to create a way to overcome the objection, because often times buyers have difficulty envisioning the possibilities.

As a Realtor we forge relationships with appraisers, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys and various home service providers to assist in navigating the transaction.  It may seem like putting the horse before the carriage but working with an architect to help market your house can be a seller’s best way to counter any objection right from the beginning!  At the Vanderblue Team we often work with Tanner White of Tanner White Architects, LLC.  An architect is trained to see options or opportunities. They visualize in three dimensions – providing an amazing added value to the equation!  Having a physical drawing of what “can be” will definitely help a buyer visualize the possibilities and also reduce the time on market.

After the initial phone consultation the architect will meet clients at the property for a walk through where ideas, budget, timing and process are discussed.  All this provides the homeowner or buyer with an overall game plan to consider, including an estimate for the renovation.  From this point floor plans and renderings are developed and tweaked to meet the client’s desires.  Clients always find it helpful to see what it can look like- really bringing the project to life by creating a vision that sells. As a Realtor, we like to include as many renderings as possible in our marketing materials.  Providing a real vision will definitely create the emotional buyer who suddenly has that “A-Ha” moment they need to submit an offer!

151 Merwins Lane is currently on the market in Greenfield Hill. The house has a beautiful open concept main floor with 2 bedrooms & 2.1 baths.  The unattached garage has a walk up full floor studio.  Possible objection: This home needs a large Master suite and additional bedroom on the upper level to make this a 4 bedroom. 3.1 bath home.

Architectural rendering of addition

Main floor plan

Upper level floor plan

151 Merwins Lane with the renovation: The expansion over the garage allows for the addition of another bedroom, laundry room, walk-in closets and a full master suite on the upper level.  On the main level the proposed plan includes a mudroom, sunroom and direct access to the two car garage.

Lori Auerbach is a Realtor with the Vanderblue Team at The Higgins Group.

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